EWG验证素食主义者 & 残酷的自由更少的塑料HIGH PERFORMANCE
EWG验证素食主义者 & 残酷的自由更少的塑料HIGH PERFORMANCE
EWG验证素食主义者 & 残酷的自由更少的塑料HIGH PERFORMANCE
EWG验证素食主义者 & 残酷的自由更少的塑料HIGH PERFORMANCE
EWG验证素食主义者 & 残酷的自由更少的塑料HIGH PERFORMANCE

What is 的态度 批发?

的态度 has now a 批发 store which enables retailers, small shops, and credited individuals to buy larger quantities of products at advantageous prices.

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What products are sold on the wholesale website?

的态度 wholesale sells a wide range of products, from products for mothers & 婴儿到身体 & 头发护理, oral & facial care and sun care products.

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Who can apply for the wholesale website?

You are a gym, a spa, a dentist's office, a small store?

The wholesale website gives the opportunity to some retailers, small stores and credited individuals to buy larger quantities of 的态度 products at a lower price.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Click on our wholesale link through our B2C website.

2. Log in if you already have a B2B account with us.

If you do not have an account with us:

a) Click on Apply for wholesale.

b) Complete the questionnaire and submit.

c) 的态度 will review your responses and approve or reject your account (please allow a 24- to 72-hour delay before receiving the confirmation email from our team).*

d) If approved, when you receive your confirmation email, click on activate your account.

e) Create your password.

f) Log in and start shopping.

*账户 approval: The account approval depends on many factors, and therefore it is important that you fill out every section of the questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding account refusal, please contact: sales@spenglergalleries.com.

- Potential customer has filled out the registration form in its entirety*.

- The customer does not sell on Amazon

*Please note that based on the responses to the registration form, 的态度's sales team will be able to judge whether or not a customer is authorized to purchase from the wholesale site. Please allow 24-72 hours to receive the confirmation email from our team.

的态度 sells several lines and products on the wholesale site:

- baby mommy care


- 小叶子™

- super leaves™




——身体 & 头发护理

- oral-dental care


的态度 has a minimum regarding your shopping cart total:

- Less than $250: No order will be submitted.

- Between $250-$500: Your order will be submitted and will include shipping costs (live carrier fees that will fluctuate based on the weight of the order and the shipping location).

- More than $500: Your order will be submitted, and no shipping costs will be applied at checkout (free shipping).

- Above $800: There may be customs clearance fees and delays.

No, there is currently no maximum for the wholesale site.

Customers who have agreed to the terms and conditions associated with opening a wholesale account are not eligible for the loyalty program on our website. They are also not eligible to use reward codes earned through a personal account in their name. 促销活动, 奖金, coupons cannot be combined with the discount already applied to wholesale orders.

If you have fluoride toothpaste and sunscreen in your order, it may take longer to arrive because these products must be approved in advance by the FDA. Don't worry though, your package is on its way!

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